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"If you're winning business by discounting, struggling to defend your prices, finding it a challenge to effectively communicate your value...there is another way"

The Value Challenge System

Imagine...Transform the way you sell, move from a product to a customer focus, from discounting to win to winning by understanding, creating and delivering outstanding customer value – and getting paid for it!

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The Challenge

In our recent survey, 80% said they had a challenge to "Defend our Prices", and 84% lost business to competitors - even when they knew they had the best solution! Understanding value is at the heart of these issues...

Are you
"Selling on Value"?

Are you happy that you and/or your sales people are selling on value – that’s not just selling what you THINK your customers will value, it’s selling the things you KNOW your customers will value - because you’ve asked?

Are you Getting Paid What You're Worth?

Are you confident that your customers are happy to pay you what you are really worth, or do you feel that you are leaving money on the table when you walk away from a deal?

Are you Confident
Talking Prices?

Are you confident you can defend your prices on the basis of the value you deliver? Can you move from a "discount default" to a "Value Default?"


What's Included?

This simple, structured approach to the value sale will transform the way you sell.  Use it correctly and you will understand your customers and their challenges and issues in more depth than you thought possible.  More than that, they’ll know you know! 

That builds your credibility and their trust.  And because you know, you’ll be able to position your solution much more effectively and demonstrate your true value – and run the real risk of getting paid for it.

There are 14 Modules. Each Module Contains: 

  • Downloadable Video Files
  • Downloadable Audio Files
  • 1 transcript – the book of the film
  • 1 workbook containing suggested exercises and action plan

BONUSES includes:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Monthly FAQ’s audio
  • 1 Hour FREE Coaching with Mike

Module Breakdown

Module 1: Welcome to the Value Challenge

An introduction to value and value discovery. The basic business challenge vs the real business challenge.

The Value Challenge Checklist The changing sales role Using the Value  Challenge System Key Components Dealing with the Forgetting Curve (The Ebbinghaus Effect)

Module Run Time approx. 21 minutes

Module 2: The Seven Challenges of Value

Understanding, Creating and Delivering Outstanding customer value – and getting paid for it!

An introduction to each of the Seven Challenges of Value

Module Run Time approx. 14 minutes

Module 3: What is this thing called Value?

This module focuses on:

  • The Golden Rule for Price
  • Definitions of Value
  • Solving the Value Mystery
  • Introducing the Value Triad©
  • Generic vs Specific Value

Module Run Time approx. 21 minutes

Module 4: The Water Story

Water - an example of value building
Customer Service Package Analysis
Strategic Choices

Module Run Time approx. 17 minutes

Module 5: The PTS Model

Process - understanding, creating and delivering outstanding customer value – and getting paid for it!

Tools – a look at tools for Value Discovery and Value Demonstration

Skills – what skills are required to make the VC System work?

Module Run Time approx. 18 minutes

Module 6: Qualify the Opportunity

This modules focuses on the first step of the Value Sales Process starting with:

  • The Account Profile
  • Go or No Go
  • Levers to growth
  • Do we/Can we Matrix

Module Run Time approx. 23 minutes

Module 7: Identify the Key

Who do you need to know?

Covering the bases – making sure you identify and contact all the key people Customer

Questions – what do they want to know?
The Customer Buying Process

Module Run Time approx. 19 minutes

Module 8: The Tools of Value Discovery

This module focuses on: 

  • The Value Triad©
  • The Role of Features and Benefits
  • The Account Profile Pack
  • The Power Map
  • The Key Issues Worksheet – the critical
  • Value Selling Tool
  • QLS – Questioning, Listening and
  • Summarising

Module Run Time approx. 38 minutes

Module 9: Using the Key Issues Worksheet

This module focuses on:

  • The KIW
  • Value Discovery
  • In Detail QLS
  • The Five “Power” Questions -
    Linking the Power Questions to the KIW

Module Run Time approx. 18 minutes

Module 10: Customer Contact Meetings

The module focuses on:

  • Research Findings
  • The Business Generating “Engine”
  • The Customer Contact Meeting Framework
  • Planning, conducting and concluding the meeting
  • Agreeing Next Steps

Module Run Time approx. 21 minutes

Module 11: Value

This module focuses on:

  • The Value Calculator – turning wishful thinking into real numbers
  • The "So What?" Analysis The Negotiation Corridor
  • The Key Issues Worksheet - Value
  • Demonstration Forget cost – think value
  • Developing effective case studies

Module Run Time approx. 19 minutes

Module 12: Building the Value Proposition

This module focuses on:

  • What is a Value Proposition?
  • The Value Proposition Hierarchy
  • Potential Types of Value Proposition
  • The 3 C’s of the CVP
  • Building the VP
  • Value Proposition Validation Framework

    Module Run Time approx. 25 minutes

Module 13: Pricing Options

The module focuses on:

  • Conventional Pricing Approaches
  • Cost Based
  • Competition Based
  • Customer Driven
  • Comparison of the Three Approaches
  • Value Based Pricing
  • +/- of Value Based Pricing

Module Run Time approx. 29 minutes

Module 14: The Value Challenge Review

The module focuses on:

  • The PTS Process – a review of the Process, Tools and Skills of Value Selling
  • The Seven Challenges
  • Your Personal Coaching Tool

Module Run Time approx. 19 minutes

Pricing Options

Whether you are a single user or want details of corporate rates, you're a button away from taking The Value Challenge. It's time to understand, create and deliver outstanding customer value - and get paid for it.

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  • 14 modules with video (mp4) and audio (mp3) files
  • Transcripts
  • Workbooks and Action Plans

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