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Through our full or half-day sessions, you will learn in-depth knowledge about the challenges of value, how to deliver it through the salesforce and many more!

At Axia Value, we offer many different, Value Focused workshops as either a Masterclass or Boardroom Briefing session. Our Value-selling Sales Training Masterclasses are one full day, intensive events for busy executives and teams who need to catch up on the latest knowledge surrounding these topics.

The Boardroom Briefings are tailored, highly focused and intense half-day sessions, covering key strategic issues around pricing and value. These tend to be intense discussion forms, which allow senior managers the opportunity to discuss particular issues around value and for actions to be planned and taken.

Our Masterclass and Boardroom Briefings are as follows:


The Seven Challenges of Value

Following on from our book, “The Challenge of Value”, our research led us to conclude that there are seven key “value” challenges that businesses and salespeople face right now. The concept of value is generally misunderstood, which is why the key focus here will be to develop a consistent approach to understanding value, its component elements and how it can be communicated effectively. This session provides a brief but detailed look at each of the challenges and how to overcome them.

During the session, we will cover:

  • What are the seven challenges?
  • Which present the greatest challenge to the business right now?
  • What impact does this have on the business?
  • How can the challenges be effectively addressed?
  • What is our plan to tackle any issues?

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Delivering Value through the Salesforce

In many companies, the price and value message are delivered by the sales force, but how well-equipped is your sales team to deliver that message persuasively?

Are they confident and proud of the price or do they apologise for it? Are they focused on selling your value or do they operate on a “discount default”?

This Masterclass is dedicated to understanding the importance of the sales role in value delivery and ensuring that your sales force are capable of delivering a powerful and valuable message that will reel in new customers.

In this session, we will be looking at:

  • Understanding our value and the value conundrum – the fact that value is actually defined by the customer, not by us!
  • The sales role in understanding and communicating value and presenting and defending price.
  • The impact of discounting as a sales strategy.
  • Pricing options and their pros and cons.
  • The risk of “dolphin training” (believe me it is risky!)
  • Dealing with discount demands.

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Value-based pricing – Value Selling Sales Training

If you want your team to become better at defending the price and positioning of your products and services and get paid what you're worth,  you need to understand and use Value-based pricing.

During this training, your sales team will learn:

  • What is value-based pricing?
  • Why is there so much talk about it?
  • Who is using it and why?
  • What results are they achieving?
  • Why and how value-based pricing is different (and better) than the pricing methods you may currently be using?
  • How do you implement value-based pricing in your business?
  • Most important of all – does it really work and what is the evidence?

By booking a value-based pricing training session, you will enable your team to define the value of your products and services offered effectively, increasing their sales conversion rates and your bottom-line profits.

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Even More Value Masterclasses

Price Setting and Price Getting: The power of working together

From our experience, there is a real disconnect between sales and pricing in many businesses. The price setters and price getters just aren’t working effectively together.  This session will explore how sales and pricing should work hand in hand in your business and look at ways in which they can make a significant impact on your margins and profitability.

Quantifying value

At Axia Value, we measure value using the Value Triad©, which we demonstrate with live examples.  Using our Business Impact Analysis© tool, we help identify priorities and quantify the advantages that your products and services can bring to your customer. This approach takes your proposition to a new level of attractiveness, as you will be able to show customers how you can help improve their business and prove it!

When it comes to value, we can put together Masterclasses and Boardroom briefings that address the issues that are challenging you right now.  Get in touch and let's talk about your challenges and how I might be able to help.

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