The Value Journey

How would you define value? Is it the way something or someone makes you feel? Is it the quality or monetary aspect of the product or service you want?

Or is it the way something changes your life in ways you never imagined?   

Why is value a mystery? It's a mystery because it means different things for different people.

Join me on this FREE training and learn the steps to solving  the value mystery.  Hop aboard the Value Express (the bus on the right!) as I take you on a brief value journey.  Further stops on our journey are below.

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The Value Triad

It's great to know that value is a mystery and our job is to solve it. However, to do that we need some sort of framework to think about the component elements of value - we need the Value Triad.

The Value Triad -Pt2

Last time we looked particularly at Revenue Gain and Cost Reduction, the tangible, objective components of value. No less important is the Emotional Contribution. Subjective and Intangible but a big part of the overall value impression you look to create.

The Value Sales Process

If you are going to explore customer value, you need a sales process to help you do it. My focus is on simplifying the complex, not complicating things so this sales process has just four stages - but each of them is important!

Transform The Way You Sell!

If you still rely on pitching your products and services to an unsuspecting buyer, now's the time to stop. Stop selling and start understanding the customer!


During our initial research and during the value discovery stage of the sales process. In value selling nothing is more important than really understanding the customer in detail.

Questioning, Listening & Summarising (QLS)

These are not basic skills, they are fundamental to success in the Value Sales Process. Remember, this is not about interrogating the customer. It's about having a "chat" and asking questions based on a natural curiosity and a genuine interest in them and their business. You can't fake it.

The Journey So

A quick resume of our journey so far. We've taken a look at value, value selling and the value sales process. We introduced the Value Triad as a structure for thinking about and communicating value and we looked at Questioning, Listening and Summarising as the key skills of Value Discovery.

Demonstrating Your

Like Value Discovery, Value Demonstration should be a conversation with your customer, not a presentation at them. Often this is a major change, moving from a product focused presentation to a customer focused conversation.

Why should we choose you? 

If you have invested time, money and effort in the sale up to now, you do not want to hear that either you have lost or they have decided to do nothing. Having a powerful and effective Value Proposition in place is essential.

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