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Coaching is the Key to Building Better Business

Through remote or face-to-face coaching, we will work with you to understand your issues and agree on the best course of action for your business.


The Benefits Of Value Coaching

Let’s face it, we’re not born with all the knowledge and skill we might need for the jobs we do.  It has to be learned and practiced. Training helps to make sure we have the necessary information.  Coaching then enables the behavioural change that may be required and helps unleash our potential.

Like a sports player needs a coach to guide them in their sport, I am here to guide you on your Value Journey.  With many years of knowledge and experience I can help you develop the skills and capabilities you need to feel confident in your customer conversations.

Whether it’s for you or your sales team, I can help you build your knowledge, skills and confidence and transform the way you sell.  The coaching is highly flexible.  From remote coaching by phone, zoom or your chosen platform, to face-to-face coaching. From one-to-one coaching to the group approach offered by the 12% Club, the approach is tailored to meet your specific requirements, so that we can focus on the issues and challenges that are important to you.

Many of my clients recognise the importance of follow up after training and have coaching as part of their own personal and business development activities.

If you would like to discuss your coaching needs – either for you or your team - book a “sales strategy meeting” with me today. During the call, we will discuss and understand the issues you would like to address, define your ideal objectives, discuss possible hurdles you may encounter and agree on the best course of action for you and your sales team. Give me a call TODAY and let’s get started!

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