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Why lower the price of your product?  Instead of operating a discount default to win business, it’s time to focus on value as a way of demonstrating your capabilities and getting paid what you’re worth.

Simply discounting is not the solution. Help your customers understand the value behind your product or service and align it to their value aspirations.


What We Do

At Axia Value Solutions, we believe strongly in the power of value. Value makes all the difference between building long-term, profitable relationships with your customers or running the risk of being commoditised and seen as just another supplier. 

As people, value is embedded in our lives. It motivates our purpose, even the choices or changes we make in life. For businesses, understanding how your customers see value and the things that are important to them opens up the door to opportunity.

Understanding, creating and delivering outstanding customer value, and getting paid for it, is the ultimate goal for a value based business.

Our aim is to help you achieve a deeper understanding of the value of the solutions you deliver to your customers.

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meet Mike:

Mike Wilkinson

Mike has been an independent consultant since 1988. His passion revolves around value, especially Value-based selling. Mike is the “Price Getter”, working with sales teams and helping them discover new ways of learning and communicating value, so that money isn’t left on the table, and you are rewarded for the value you deliver.

He has worked with organizations of all sizes, helping them maximize the effectiveness of their sales efforts, both in terms of sales process and skills.

Mike has delivered training all over the world, speaking regularly at conferences, seminars and meetings with business audiences throughout the UK, Europe, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, USA, Singapore and Australia.

He has also published three bestselling books on value and is member of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, the Professional Speakers Association (PSA) and the Global Speakers Federation.


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